Transit Saturn Opposite Venus

If you’re heavily mutable like myself, you must be hating these Saturn in Sagittarius transits. Saturn in Sagittarius will be making harsh aspects to other mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo) for the next year and half. Saturn is the task maker in Western Astrology and the house he is transiting along with other aspects show where your practical and worldly lessons will be during this time. For the most part, people hate Saturn transits because Saturn is the critic and tells us what we’ve been doing wrong all along. If we refuse to heed Saturn’s warnings and flashing yellow lights, the consequences can be catastrophic and effect us and others long term. The work will be difficult and we may encounter challenges and obstacles that are hard to overcome (usually with transiting hard aspects) or we gracefully accept and grow to take on more work and responsibilities (usually with transiting trine or sextile aspects).

When Saturn makes a stressful aspect to Venus (conjunction, opposite, or square), the part of ourselves that govern self-worth, our values, money, and love is somehow blocked temporarily or significantly slowed down. Saturn rules boundaries, limitations, and structure so our value system can be restructured during this time. Less evolved people experiencing this transit may be learning that money isn’t everything and the true source of self worth. Unlike the square, a transit from an opposing planet depicts that problems will be coming from others. For example, the native could face substantial criticism from colleagues, loved ones, parents, friends etc. regarding their values, spending habits, or relationships. Trying to avoid the truth and reality of the matter is not how to successfully pass a Saturn transit. Pisces-heavy people or people with many fixed signs may have a harder time going about this transit.

Many astrologers say making money will be more difficult under this transit. This can be time where a serious consequence causes us to realize how much money we’ve really been spending  and how much debt we owe. Saturn, being the planet of structure can help us plan how to pay off our finances before they’re irreparable in the long run. On the other hand, the expenses that come with maturation (Saturn) could simply increase. We could acquire more bills and more responsibility. Working hard to earn more money during this transit is a big theme. The chances of becoming rich during this transit is very slim compared to the probability that you may be having to spend more on expenses than you used to. It’s time to cut down and learn the value of living on a monetary budget.

Venus rules loves and relationships, so Saturn making challenging aspects to Venus can bring our love life to a halt. It could be that you have always had a lover or relationship back to back without thinking much about your values and what you want from a partner. Saturn comes to bring a halt to your life for introspection so you can be with someone you really want. Break-ups are very likely during this transit given the opposition aspect or at least a long periodic “break” in the relationship is signified. Individuals experiencing this transit can become cold and distant towards their partners or they could feel that way towards them. This transit usually brings a permanent break from unrealistic or abusive relationships where the native pushes the other out the door.

If Venus is Lord of 1st house

The alignment of your personality and self-values may be up for introspection and reconstruction. You may decide to restructure your self-image into something more grown-up and mature. Changing your look that is more beneficial for you and others is a must.

If Venus is Lord of 2nd house

Twice the monetary woes aforementioned will be experienced if Venus rules the 2nd house. The native may lose valuable possessions and money if not careful under this transit. Money issues with the home can be an on-going problem if not properly solved.

If Venus is Lord of the 3rd house

You may have a problem using words to get what you want during this transit. Relationships with siblings may be slightly less cordial than usual. A lasting money issue may occur during this transit between siblings that makes the relationship more distant.

If Venus is Lord of the 4th house

Family relationships can take on a less peaceful tone during this transit. Natives may learn to give and take with family members more adequately. Family (mother) could with hold the monetary purse from the native. Learning the value and importance of family could be a major theme.

If Venus is Lord of 5th house

The significance of dating is magnified. Numerous romantic suitors may dry up at this time or dating like the native has previously done brings little enjoyment. Native may have to find new hobbies, entertainment, and creative expression that bring pleasure to the native.

If Venus is Lord of 6th house

These natives may restructure their diet in order to feel more healthy and beautiful. Weight loss programs, skin treatments, or nutrition planning is added to the everyday routine. Slight disagreements with coworkers may plague this period.

If Venus is Lord of 7th house

This planetary position further increases the likelihood of a breakup between couples. At the very best, couples will disagree over money or marriage contracts. Great caution should be exercised to not push your loved one away during this time.

If Venus is Lord of 8th house

The 8th house rules finances, resources, other people’s money. During this transit, the native may realize a lack of monetary support from others. Trouble getting approved for a loan may manifest. Lack of sex and intimate bonding during this period. Native should work to pay off all debts in a timely matter.

If Venus is Lord of 9th house

Our philosophy and values will mature and become more “adult-like” during this transit. Negatively, receiving money for higher education or educational pursuits may be hard to come by. You may need to focus on not going too far with spending money in the name of adventure during this time.

If Venus is Lord of 10th house

You may be less charming towards the general public during this time, try not to rely too much on charm to get what you want to here. You can feel more at odds with your colleagues and your public image and reputation may seem/become more mature during this transit.

If Venus is Lord of 11th house

Transit Saturn may restrict money coming in large sums during this transit. Making huge purchases and business speculation is ill advised. It will be easy to evaluate and restructure your hopes, wishes, and friend circle during this time.

If Venus is Lord of 12th house

Isolation from loved ones and friends may occur during this time for the purpose of change and introspection. The native may peacefully contemplate his/her values, love life, and dreams away from others during this time.


Venus in Gemini in 8th House

When Venus, the planet of serenity, beauty, refinery, is posited in the sign of Gemini, you have a native that is light-hearted in love, playful, changing, intelligent, and elegant. Purely expressed, Venus in Gemini is the lover that loves laughter and playing jokes, flirtatious, witty, and can be the life of the party. These people are often known to be shallow, fickle, moody, and uncommitted. They may have multiple lovers (especially if male) and could be in love with multiple people at the same time as well. These people seduce others by making them laugh, showing them a good time, or dazzling with their impressive wit for the purpose of an entangling and soul-quenching romance.

As a reminder, the 8th house is the house of yes, sex, but also merging, secrets, transformation, the occult, and basically all that weird stuff that goes on behind closed doors that you don’t really want others knowing about. The 8th house also oversees debt, contracts, loans, taxes, and legacies. Venus in the 8th house is a very nice placement if unaffected by harsh planets. Venus here generally protects marriages, legacies, and finances in one’s life. One is said to have a happy marriage and much help from other people’s resources. Venus in Gemini in the 8th house shows someone that will communicate about these topics. For instance, these people will love communicating or teaching  occult ideas with others. These people may know a lot of others’ secrets or possess forbidden/taboo knowledge. People with this position could also be debt collectors or great insurance agents. Even with Venus in Gemini, the individual’s love life arena takes on a darker and deeper tone. Power struggles between spouses, violence, monetary problems can occur especially if Venus is afflicted by malefic planets such as mars, pluto, or saturn.

Because the 8th house rules sex, these individuals will have a magnetic and primal energy about themselves that draws others closer. Because the planet of relationships is in the house of sex, these natives may have numerous sexual partners, especially when it is in the air signs. The 8th house is the house of rebirth and planets placed here must be transformed over and over. With Venus in Gemini in the 8th house, the native may experience many intense, short-lived relationships that encompassed a plethora of emotion. Venus in the 8th house wants commitment and loyalty in relationships, but Venus’ expression in flirtatious Gemini can undo his own efforts. Negatively expressed these people can be sexual charmers and manipulators, abusive or easily abused, shop lifters, or extremely uncompromising. With Gemini being the sign of duality, this aspect is very dual-natured indeed. Their lovers may become frustrated trying to unravel what to expect: the deep-natured lover or the casual flirt.

Venus in Gemini in 8th house people take on an almost Scorpionic tone in their love lives. Their love life is dramatic and relationships take on a “fated” and inseparable quality. Venus in Gemini in the 8th house can be the highly desirable and mysterious life of the party that captivates everyone in the room, the sexy librarian, or naughty school girl persona (taboo sexual experiences). Venus in Gemini in the 8th house are here to investigate and study contradictions by attracting opposites through lovers and relationships that drag these natives to their murky and dark subconscious. Battles do take place here and physical violence is no exception. Therefore, it is extremely important that these individuals do not partake in power struggles through the form of mind games and control. Venus in Gemini in the 8th house is the temptress, hypnotizing lovers with beautiful words and penetrating eyes that see in to another’s soul. Others be wary, for she could keep you enchanted with mind control while dreaming about greener pastors!

In its highest octave, these natives are highly appreciated for their loyalty in close relationships and mystifying love nature. Masters of sex and flirtation, they could use their prowess to heal others or at least bring their latent subconscious issues to the surface. Obsession can occur from other people that become addicted to such soul-opening experiences or the native can feel obsessed about others as well. Having the job of of transforming and purifying other’s unhealed subconscious through deep sexual energies is exhausting and these natives may end up doing surmountable damage to a person when acting selfishly or immaturely. It is important these natives balance give and take in a relationship and stay loyal and committed to their love ones to avoid marital or financial problems.

Saturn in Pisces in 5th House Pisces

First, it would be important to discuss what Pisces represents. In Pisces, we lose ourselves, our identity, our ego. We forget our selfish needs and desires in order to serve the greater good. Think of Jesus Christ, the ultimate pacifist and martyr. Or Ghandi, the man who resisted all earthly desires in the name of transcendence. That’s what Pisces is all about: transcendence. It’s the last sign of the zodiac and represents the “end” of the cycle.

Most religions and humanitarians have a similar image of what human beings should aspire to become or how the “perfect” (how neptunian) human being would act. Kind, unconditional, tolerant, infinitely understanding, compromising, and so, so self-sacrificing. That’s the Pisces archetype/energy. On the negative side, this type of attitude is draining. And as much as a Pisces-heavy person would love to carry out this type of persona, reality (Saturn) imposes many restrictions and limitations. Therefore, it is common for Pisces-heavy people to put up necessary boundaries, only to keep them safe from emotional/financial vampires, schemers, free-loaders, or anyone that would take advantage of this projection of limitless and pure energy.

Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, expresses itself as a wise and powerful creative force that sings of peace, equality, love, and that we are all one. Beautiful art with a purpose of bringing us all together is Pisces’ goal. Neptune/Pisces is beautiful, expressive, unifying, understanding, compassionate, and self-sacrificing.

So, what happens when our Saturn is in Pisces? The sign a planet is in sets the tone for how that planet will express itself. Saturn/Capricorn likes rules, boundaries, limitations, or more accurately, Saturn feels it must impose these limitations on himself. Saturn is weak in Pisces, meaning that he will have problems carrying out his sturdy energy in the submerging waters of Pisces. For example, other planets could be in detriment such as Sun in Capricorn or Mars in Cancer. This only means that expressing this part of ourselves contradicts the manner in which we express it. Saturn has been disliked in astrology because he represents our inner critic, the doubter, the abstinent to ensure he doesn’t take it too far. Saturn has tough walls and strong barriers, the opposite of Neptune. It’s always easier to see the negative side with Saturn. However, Saturn is not all that bad. Without it the boundaries and structures that Saturn provides, this reality would not be possible. Thus, Saturn in Pisces further magnifies that we must set the boundaries and limitations for ourselves in our everyday lives. It is my theory that Saturn in Pisces can be found in the charts where self-restraint and discipline is a huge issue. I have Sun-Sat sq. and multiple hard Venus and Jupiter aspects. Indeed, going overboard tends to be the norm for me! Saturn is the teacher and time-keeper in astrology and individuals with Saturn in Pisces will learn many lessons in forgiveness, unconditional love, the dissolution of barriers between others, and self-imposed boundaries.

In the 5th house, we have our hobbies, games, creativity, gambling, dating, children, and entertainment. Leo rules the 5th house, giving it a dramatic flair. People with prominent 5th houses or planets in the 5th house are usually very expressive personalities that love to entertain other people and be the center of attention. With Saturn in the 5th house of fun, life can be a bit…boring. It is true, Saturn is known to restrict the part of life he touches. Many Saturn in 5th house individuals can attest that they have no dating lives, not many appropriate suitors, a couple of relationships that have lasted long-term (since Saturn also represents time and longevity), are Mothers only having one child (or not wanting any children), have little hobbies, or just have serious hobbies that no one else finds really that enjoyable (i.e. politics, stocks). This placement signifies a native must learn lessons in letting go, having fun by connecting and being one with others, and discipline with ourselves and children.

Saturn, already uncomfortable that he is in detriment in Pisces is now even more uncomfortable that he is situated in 5th house Pisces! With Pisces on the 5th house cusp, we may see our dates unrealistically, and by yearning for spiritual oneness with our loved one (through marriage, commitment, sexual unity) we may ignore their flaws, red flags, and “accidentally” delude ourselves to reality. With Saturn debilitated and weak in Pisces, these lessons are not easy and may cause pain, suffering, and heartbreak in these areas. Saturn in Pisces in 5th house Pisces is a repeating contradiction to take note of in a natal chart. If we work at the house where Saturn is located, great rewards from that house will come in due time, but it won’t be easy, and in pisces, those gifts could be absolutely transcendent in nature.


Kassy is a free-lance writer and mainly self-taught astrologer that uses creative thinking to answer others’s questions about the nature of personality and astrology.